Peirce’s 1870 “Logic Of Relatives” • Comment 1

Peirce often stressed his Logic of Relatives as the key to unlocking many puzzles.  As I read him, it was Peirce’s drive to understand the Logic of Science that required the grounding of logic in the mathematical forms of triadic sign relations and this in turn demanded a leap forward in the understanding of relations in general.

My long ago encounter with Peirce’s 1870 paper, “Description of a Notation for the Logic of Relatives, Resulting from an Amplification of the Conceptions of Boole’s Calculus of Logic”, was one of the events precipitating my return from the hazier heights of philosophy to the solid plains of mathematics below.  Over the years I copied out various drafts of my study notes to the web, consisting of selections from Peirce’s paper along with my running commentary.  A few years back I serialized what progress I had made so far to this blog and this Overview consists of links to those installments.

Peirce’s 1870 “Logic of Relatives”


  • Peirce, C.S. (1870), “Description of a Notation for the Logic of Relatives, Resulting from an Amplification of the Conceptions of Boole’s Calculus of Logic”, Memoirs of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 9, 317–378, 26 January 1870.  Reprinted, Collected Papers (CP 3.45–149), Chronological Edition (CE 2, 359–429).  Online (1) (2) (3).
  • Peirce, C.S., Collected Papers of Charles Sanders Peirce, vols. 1–6, Charles Hartshorne and Paul Weiss (eds.), vols. 7–8, Arthur W. Burks (ed.), Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA, 1931–1935, 1958.  Cited as (CP volume.paragraph).
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