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Nominalism and Essentialism are the Scylla and Charybdis that Pragmatism Must Navigate Its Middle Way Between

Cf: Peirce List Discussion Earlier this summer, Ayşe Mermutlu posted a notice of Nathan Houser’s review of Paul Forster’s Peirce and the Threat of Nominalism to the Facebook page of the Charles S. Peirce Society and a brief discussion ensued. … Continue reading

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Two Ideals

Two ideals are struggling for supremacy in American life today: one the industrial ideal, dominating thru the supremacy of commercialism, which subordinates the worker to the product and the machine; the other, the ideal of democracy, the ideal of the … Continue reading

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These are the times that try men’s soles

You see, even though back then Barack was a Senator and a presidential candidate … to me, he was still the guy who’d picked me up for our dates in a car that was so rusted out, I could actually … Continue reading

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Our Ship Of State❢ Behold Its Wake❢

O Speech Divine — You touched our hearts, You stirred our minds. But when we brush the tears away And turn our faces toward the day, We beg of you but one thing just: Look Homeward, Angel, Look Home — … Continue reading

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C.S. Peirce • Logic of Number (MS 229)

Selections from C.S. Peirce, [Logic of Number] (MS 229) I printed a paper on the Logic of Number in 1866, and it was not made up out of the first thoughts that came into my head about it, by any … Continue reading

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