Peirce’s Categories • 15

Re: Peirce ListRobert Marty

I submit for your review this preprint which is awaiting publication:

The Podium of the Universal Categories of C.S. Peirce


This article organizes Peirce’s universal categories and their degenerate forms from their presupposition relationships.  These relationships are formally clarified on the basis of Frege’s definition of presupposition.  They are visualized in a “podium” diagram.  With these forms, we then follow step by step the well-known and very often cited third Peirce Lowell Conference of 1903 (third draft) in which he sets out his entire method of analysis based on these categories.  The very strong congruence that is established between the podium and the text validates the importance, even the necessity, of taking into account these presuppositions in order to correctly understand Peirce’s phenomenology.

I would be very happy to read your comments.

There were numerous issues stemming from Robert Marty’s post and paper, some central and some tangential, which attracted my interest and which I hope I can get back to.  Seeing as how some of the earliest issues got a little lost in the flood of discussion that followed I thought I would take a moment to record a few threads for future follow up.

I made a start at rehashing some of these questions on my blog:

  • Semiotics, Semiosis, Sign Relations • (9)
  • Peirce’s Categories • (13)(14)
  • Readings On Determination • Discussion • (4)

If I get inspiration and time enough, I may try to organize the issues and further comment on my blog.

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7 Responses to Peirce’s Categories • 15

  1. George Berger says:

    I cannot download this rightly. Have you a better link?

    • Jon Awbrey says:

      What happens when you hit that [Download PDF] button? I see new versions of Windows have disabled the old Adobe Reader app and try to make you use Edge instead, but there are options for using other browsers if I look for them.

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