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Logic of Relatives

The logic of relatives, more precisely, the logic of relative terms, is the study of relations as represented in symbolic forms known as “rhemes”, “rhemata”, or “relative terms”. Continue reading

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Theory of Signs Semeiotic is one of the terms C.S. Peirce used for his theory of triadic sign relations and it serves to distinguish his theory of signs from other approaches to the same subject matter, more generally referred to … Continue reading

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Logical Graphs • Introduction

A logical graph is a graph-theoretic structure in one of the styles of graphical syntax that Charles Sanders Peirce developed for logic. Continue reading

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Differential Logic

The Logic of Change and Difference Differential logic is the logic of variation — the logic of change and difference. Differential logic is the component of logic whose object is the description of variation, for example, the aspects of change, … Continue reading

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