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❃ Blowin’ in the Wind ❃

❃ Blowin' in the Wind ❃

It was so windy today, 30 mph gusts at times, that I had to take a chair out on the deck and wait for moments when the tree held still for half a second.

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If the People rule, then the People must be wise

Our Enlightenment Forerunners had the insight to see the critical flaw in all historical failures at democratic government, to wit, or not — If the People rule, then the People must be wise. The consequence is that equally distributed education … Continue reading

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Paradisaical Logic and the After Math

Not too coincidentally with the mention of Peirce’s existential graphs, a tangent of discussion on another blog brought to mind an old favorite passage from Peirce, where he is using his entitative graphs to exposit the logic of relatives.  Here … Continue reading

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C.S. Peirce • Relatives of Second Intention

Selections from C.S. Peirce, “The Logic of Relatives”, CP 3.456–552 488.   The general method of graphical representation of propositions has now been given in all its essential elements, except, of course, that we have not, as yet, studied any truths … Continue reading

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