Definition and Determination • 22

Re: Definition and Determination • (18)(19)(20)(21)
Re: Laws of FormLyle Anderson

Dear Lyle,

The labyrinth of Socratic switchbacks and dialogical detours in Excerpt 21 gave several readers fits of befuddlement.  I think I threaded the maze well enough in what I wrote last time to resolve the more difficult issues, but I guess time will tell.

The remainder of your reply invites us to consider a number of substantive topics, all of which arise quite naturally in this context and all of which will occupy us in the sequel, but for now I have only enough time to record the following outline of topics to take up.

  • Boundary, Content, Cybernetics, Difference, Differential Logic, Distinction, Essential Variable, Gradient, Interior, Motive, Tropism, Topology, Value.
  • Automata, Chomsky–Schützenberger Hierarchy, Computational Complexity,
    Formal Languages, Finite-State Machines, …, Turing Machines.
  • Perfect Information Observer, God’s Eye View, Hologrammautomaton.
  • Finite Information Observer, Human Eye View, Homunculomorphisms (1) (2).


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cc: Cybernetics (1) (2)Ontolog Forum • Structural Modeling (1) (2)Systems Science
cc: FB | Inquiry Driven SystemsLaws of Form

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3 Responses to Definition and Determination • 22

  1. Poor Richard says:

    Socratic switchbacks and dialogical detours…what a turn of phrase. 😀

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