Definition and Determination • 19

Re: Peirce ListEdwina Taborsky

I needed to start thinking of semiotics and sign relations in the light of cybernetics and systems theory.  That required me to convert from understanding a sign relation as a relation among three sets, the Object, Sign, and Interpretant domains, to thinking of a sign relation as involving three active systems, Object, Sign, and Interpretant systems, respectively.
Sounds very interesting — that concept of semiosis as involving three active systems.

Dear Edwina,

Thanks for that.  As it happens, the transition from sets to systems is smoother than it may seem at first, since the first thing we need to know about a system evolving through time is its state space, which is a set among other things, and the next thing we need to know is the law governing its transition from one state to the next.  A mite steeper is the passage from dyadic, cause-effect, stimulus-response species of determination to more general orders of constraint, law, or rule-governed trajectory through state space.  And that is where Peirce’s anticipation of information theory comes into play.



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