The following works are critical to understanding the corrosive impact of mercantilism on all the essential components of democratic societies.

Re: Diane Ravitch • What Is the Point of Democracy in Education?

There is a large literature on the topic of Academic Capitalism. Here are references to a seminal work and survey paper on the subject —

Waiting 4 Gödel

21 May 2013 Twin Primes Are Useful
25 Mar 2013 Erdős Discrepancy, Divisor Relation, Riemann Hypothesis”>Erdős Discrepancy, Divisor Relation, Riemann Hypothesis
08 Nov 2012 The Power Of Guessing
05 Jan 2011 Fourier Complexity Of Symmetric Boolean Functions
19 Nov 2010 Is Complexity Theory On The Brink?
18 Sep 2009 Why Believe That P=NP Is Impossible?
04 Jun 2009 The Junta Problem

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