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So Many Modes Of Mathematical Thought

So many modes of mathematical thought, So many are learned, so few are taught. There are streams that flow beneath the sea, There are waves that crash upon the strand, Lateral thoughts that spread and meander — Who knows what … Continue reading

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Things thrown out from a center Cooling signs of a central fire Expiring cinders of life within Sent from a star to start again

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Supple Agony

A lack of knowing, my lack of knowing How to supply either lack of knowing. Complemental and supplemental ∠s.

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My Thematics • 2

Communication is so much harder Than mere invention or discovery. Will they have in mind what I have in mind? Will I find the signs?   Will I have the time? There is so much shadow there must be light!

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Information Resistance • Ω

The hardest thing to understand about information is people’s resistance to it.

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What’s The Use?

What’s the use of getting up in the morning? Never mind that now, I’m already up. Be constructive.  Try to focus on something positive. Okay, then, what’s the use of logic? You call that focused?  Be more specific! So what’s … Continue reading

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“What we’ve got here is (a) failure to communicate” : 6

Excerpt from Warren S. McCulloch, “What Is a Number, that a Man May Know It, and a Man, that He May Know a Number?” (1960) Please remember that we are not now concerned with the physics and chemistry, the anatomy … Continue reading

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