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What To Do?

Re: What To Do? You are headed toward a grabitational singularity, and someone offers you a ton of gold.  What good is that?  Feathers and cannonballs all fall the same, I’m told.  If you have a way to convert the … Continue reading

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Where Is Fancy Bred?

Re: Artem Kaznatcheev • Fitness Landscapes as Mental & Mathematical Models of Evolution The question of “mental models” has occupied my thoughts for quite a while. As intelligent agents with a capacity for inquiry, we have ways of forming and … Continue reading

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Ideas Demand Expression Always

Re: Quomodocumque What came of my morning meditation today — There is something about an idea that demands to be communicated. But what of bad ideas, fixed ideas, ideology? And again, is there really any such thing as a bad … Continue reading

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Anamnesis, Maieusis, Monadology, Semeiosis

Anamnesis Learning = Recollection Maieusis Teaching = Midwifery Monadology Communication = Pre-Established Harmony Semeiosis Meaning = Interpretation

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The Lambda Point • 1

A note on the title.  From long ago discussions with Harvey Davis, one of my math professors at Michigan State.  I remember telling him of my interest in the place where algebra, geometry, and logic meet, and he quipped, “Ah … Continue reading

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