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Why is there so much falsity in the world?

Because people prefer falsity to truth, illusion to reality. ⁂ Being the drift of my reflections on the plays I saw at Stratford this summer — King Lear, King John, Man of La Mancha, Alice Through the Looking-Glass, Crazy for You, Hay Fever. ⁂ The Beaux’ Stratagem • Masks, Madness, & … Continue reading

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Two Ideals

Two ideals are struggling for supremacy in American life today: one the industrial ideal, dominating thru the supremacy of commercialism, which subordinates the worker to the product and the machine; the other, the ideal of democracy, the ideal of the … Continue reading

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Our Ship Of State❢ Behold Its Wake❢

O Speech Divine — You touched our hearts, You stirred our minds. But when we brush the tears away And turn our faces toward the day, We beg of you but one thing just: Look Homeward, Angel, Look Home — … Continue reading

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To Avoid The Abyss

We have come to the edge of a moral abyss. The abyss is telling us — “Stop.  Do not go this way.  Turn and go another way.” A simple message.  Easy to obey.  But there may be other forces in … Continue reading

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When It Reigns It Poors

Corporate-owned financial institutions pull off the most massive theft of the Common Wealth in American history and the corporate-owned media wring their hands about the “economic downturn”. We are told it’s time for “austerity measures” and “shared sacrifice” — all … Continue reading

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Choices at one level of freedom depend on enabling or prerequisite choices being available at more basic levels of freedom. A situation of Pseudo-Choice is created when you offer people a choice at a high level of freedom without ensuring … Continue reading

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The Place Where Three Wars Meet

One of the interesting things about the curse of our nation’s interesting times is the chance we have to observe how that triple threat — the War on Democracy, the War on Education, and the War on Science — work … Continue reading

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How Did It Come To This?

What brought us to this pass is the simple fact that too many people who take the most good from operating in a civilized, democratic, educated society have chosen not to pay for the goods they receive. These people harbor … Continue reading

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The Prime Movers of Disaster Capitalism

☠ Obscenely Rich Corporations (ORCs) ⇒ Corporate Owned Governments (COGs) ⇒ Mercantile Engineered Social Starvation (MESS) ⇒ Corporate Owned Biosphere Wasting Earth’s Bounty (COBWEB)

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The Big Picture

Scientific knowledge will not save the world if it remains in the brains and blogs and journals of scientists and makes no impression on people in general, policymakers, and the powers that be. Reflections on recent discussions too numerous to … Continue reading

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