Two Ideals

Two ideals are struggling for supremacy in American life today: one the industrial ideal, dominating thru the supremacy of commercialism, which subordinates the worker to the product and the machine; the other, the ideal of democracy, the ideal of the educators, which places humanity above all machines, and demands that all activity shall be the expression of life. If this ideal of the educators cannot be carried over into the industrial field, then the ideal of industrialism will be carried over into the school. Those two ideals can no more continue to exist in American life than our nation could have continued half slave and half free. If the school cannot bring joy to the work of the world, the joy must go out of its own life, and work in the school as in the factory will become drudgery.

Margaret Haley • “Why Teachers Should Organize” (1901)

Diane Ravitch • “Advice from Margaret Haley, Leader of Teacher Unionism

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1 Response to Two Ideals

  1. Poor Richard says:

    Educators place humanity above all machines, but plutocrats don’t place workers in humanity.

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