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Triadic Relations, Intentions, Fuzzy Subsets : 1

Re: Foundations Of Math Discussion • Lotfi Zadeh Way back during my first foundational crisis (1967–1972), I had been willing to consider almost any alternatives to the usual set theories, so I can remember looking at early accounts of fuzzy … Continue reading

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“Is it possible to advance philosophy today?”

Re: Stephen Rose Is it possible to advance philosophy today?  To do so, one would have to use terms that appear to have evolved in different disciplines to a point where dialog is almost impossible, even when desired. I suppose … Continue reading

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Abduction, Deduction, Induction, Analogy, Inquiry • 2

Re: Peirce List • Kirsti Määttänen Inference from particulars to particulars is also called analogy. Peirce gave a fair account of the logic behind statistical inference, as used in the research sciences from before his time to the present day.  … Continue reading

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That Aristotling Town

The man’s reputation for dualing exceeds him. It’s a mode more the eyebeam of the beholden. Western wayfarers will claim him their founder, But they founder on the way his meta*physick Straddles the narrow straits of their harbor. Jon Awbrey … Continue reading

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Sign Relational Manifolds • 5

Let me try to say in intuitive terms what I think is really going on here. The problem we face is as old as the problem of other minds, or intersubjectivity, or even commensurability, and it naturally involves a whole … Continue reading

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