“Is it possible to advance philosophy today?”

Re: Stephen Rose

Is it possible to advance philosophy today?  To do so, one would have to use terms that appear to have evolved in different disciplines to a point where dialog is almost impossible, even when desired.

I suppose that would depend on one’s definition of philosophy, one’s definition of advance, and one’s definition of possible.  Now there’s a fearsome threesome if ever I saw one!

I believe it is possible to advance the state of logic, mathematics, and science, not just in theory but also in practice.  And Peirce’s hints, ideas, and methods open up so many directions of exploration that I constantly wonder at the fact that all of them remain barely touched even today.  If part of philosophy’s task is to bring about critical reflection on the state of logic, mathematics, and science, among other things, then I can’t help but to charge it with falling down on the job for failing to nudge these other arts further along.

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4 Responses to “Is it possible to advance philosophy today?”

  1. Omaxpie says:

    Yes! It is possible to advance philosophy.
    Indeed the necessary groundwork and the entire project too, has already been accomplished, over a course of 36 years in which every proposition ever made by human beings in all times and places was thoroughly examined and placed in a schema of “seven schools of God talk”.
    Why 7 schools?
    Because they relate to the seven stages of psycho-physical growth intrinsic to the structures of the human body-mind-complex. Which is to say that the key to understanding all philosophy is anatomy or somatic ontology – not speculative ideas.
    The Seven Schools or stages of growth and the Great Tradition
    All of Western philosophy is limited to the first three stages of life/growth.
    Furthermore ALL of it serves to keep the thus created collective trance or hard edged perceptual strait-jacket very much in place.

    Red pill or blue pill?

    Summations of the 36 year long project

  2. porton says:

    How about my idea of human soul being (basically) a backup of brain? (Both science and religion should be happy with such soul.) I conceived it in 21st century and it seems in a sense a novel philosophy. I wrote a free e-book with more revelation like this, but I am not sure that if I post its link here it could not be considered as SPAM.

  3. Whitehead’s work is also a rich trove of ideas and directions of inquiry. Works that draw on ANW cross the primary academic disciplinary boundaries, and are being applied with some energy to ecological and environmental thought.

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