Why is there so much falsity in the world?

Because people prefer falsity to truth, illusion to reality.

Being the drift of my reflections on the plays I saw at Stratford this summer —
King Lear, King John, Man of La Mancha, Alice Through the Looking-Glass,
Crazy for You, Hay Fever.

The Beaux’ Stratagem • Masks, Madness, & Sonnets • Antony and Cleopatra

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9 Responses to Why is there so much falsity in the world?

  1. So many windmills, such little time…
    A post on the logic of Charles Dodgson at some stage?

  2. The windmill is such a wonderful motif for the circular logic of Cervante’s bleak comedy.

    ‘Mancha’ literally means spot or stain in Spanish. Are windmills a blot on the landscape or sensible ‘La Manchian’ sentinels helping to expunge mankind’s environmental smear?

    To each his own Dulcinea?

  3. Gee, & to think, I could’ve worked ‘quixotic’ into that reply too Jon!

  4. Nice program Jon. There’s an antipodean Stratford upon Avon nearby here. They have an annual Shakespeare festival, a small semi-amateur affair.


  5. Though the world be full of windmills, in our ceasless declinations.
    Grant each his Dulcinea and a semblance of salvation.

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