When It Reigns It Poors

Corporate-owned financial institutions pull off the most massive theft of the Common Wealth in American history and the corporate-owned media wring their hands about the “economic downturn”. We are told it’s time for “austerity measures” and “shared sacrifice” — all the while we stare a tidal wave of slush funds in the face that corporate lords have been stashing away for a reigny day, the day they finally bust us down to the estate of serfs and guildless peons once again.

Neo-cons, Neo-libs, and their Neo-speak economists — their snoots so full of theory they long ago lost the sense it takes to “follow the money” no matter how bad it stinks up their audit trails — divert the People with tales of the Invisible Hand while light fingers lift the loot in broad daylight from under their noses. “It’s an Act of God, a natural disaster. No one mugged thee, Nemo did it.”

But the game is up. We see it now. Irresponsibility is its name, it’s out of control, it’s past the tipping point, and it just keeps howling for more, more, more.

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2 Responses to When It Reigns It Poors

  1. Poor Richard says:

    We see it, but what good is that? The failure of the Walker recall snapped something in me. I deleted four or five hours of current events programming from my dvr schedule. Nice title BTW.

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