C.S. Peirce and Category Theory • 4

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Re: Category TheoryKyle Rivelli

Dear Kyle,

My Inquiry Into Inquiry blog has a Survey page where I collect blog and wiki resources on all the longer-running topics I write and dialogue about.  The following two collections bear on the close relationship, almost a kind of noun-verb or product-process duality, between signs and inquiry.

Especially relevant to the complex of connections Peirce suggests between the main types of signs (Icons, Indices, Symbols) and the main types of inference (Abduction, Induction, Deduction) are my study notes and blog series on Peirce’s Laws of Information, the spirit of which is captured by the following formula.

\text{Information} = \text{Comprehension} \times \text{Extension}

I appear destined to revisit this subject every other summer or so.  Here’s an outline of the last time around.

Probably about due for another return …


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cc: FB | Peirce MattersLaws of Form

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