Animated Logical Graphs • 3

Re: Peirce ListHelmut Raulien

I have a little more leisure now to start climbing back into the saddle, so let me see where we left off …

Try looking into the article I linked before:

Or my first couple of blog posts on Logical Graphs:

There are literally decades of thought and work that went into those, and if they do not engage the reader in the excitement of possible future developments then I would sorely appreciate any feedback on where and why they fail to do so.

George Spencer Brown is one of the few writers I’ve run across in the time since my first encounter with Peirce’s logical graphs who truly grasped the full depth of Peirce’s insight into logic, a vision that pierced the veil of logical interpretations, entitative and existential, to the deep formal unity between them.  That is one of the reasons I’ve made an effort to treat the two interpretations in parallel as far as I was able.  It is an extremely enticing research question to me whether that symmetry is necessarily broken as we pass from propositional to quantificational logic, or whether there is some way it may be or need be maintained.

But that is a question for the future …

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