C.S. Peirce and Category Theory • 3

Re: Category TheoryKyle Rivelli

I really enjoyed the Diagrammatic Immanence book.
Gangle has another book that goes into more depth with Peirce:
Gianluca Caterina and Rocco Gangle (2016), Iconicity and Abduction.

Thanks, Kyle, I’ve been looking at this book for a while now, trying to decide if there’s anything in it I need to know badly enough to justify the purchase.

The connection between the types of inference (Abduction, Induction, Deduction) and the types of signs (Icons, Indices, Symbols) is a pivotal question in Peirce’s logic, occupying the interface between his theory of inquiry and his theory of signs.  It’s an issue I’ve done a lot of thinking, dialoguing, and blogging about.  I will dig up some links later but here is one for starters.

cc: Category TheoryCyberneticsOntologStructural ModelingSystems Science
cc: FB | Peirce MattersLaws of Form

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