C.S. Peirce and Category Theory • 2

Re: Category TheoryHenry Story

This book Diagrammatic Immanence [preview]
has a whole chapter on Peirce and Category Theory.

There’s a two‑culture tension in the reception of Peirce these days.  Maybe it’s always been that way but it strikes me as more bifurcated today than any time since I began my Peirce studies 50+ years ago.  Peirce for the logic-math-science researcher and Peirce for the humanities-literary-verbal stylist are almost immiscible types of thinkers.  I find this especially irksome in the case of Peirce since I have felt from the beginning Peirce more than any other thinker gave us the framework and the tools we need to integrate the two‑culture divide in society at large.

The following paper touches on a number of related issues as they affect the education and research missions of universities.

  • Awbrey, S.M., and Awbrey, J.L. (2001), “Conceptual Barriers to Creating Integrative Universities”, Organization : The Interdisciplinary Journal of Organization, Theory, and Society 8(2), Sage Publications, London, UK, pp. 269–284.  AbstractOnline.

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