Inquiry Driven Systems • Discussion 5

Re: Laws of FormLeon Conrad

As someone who has worked on, teaches, and uses the CoI [Calculus of Indications] to make classical syllogistic logic much easier to practice and more visually intuitive than any of the visualisations we have to date, I would be very interested in finding out more about your work in applying GSB’s work to logical tables, particularly if it does a similar thing.

Ahoy Leon!  Welcome aboard, a-synchronicity being what it is, it may be September before I get both my hands back on this deck myself as I’ve got a bunch of long-procrastinated home and garden and auto and health-related matters to deal with.

If you’re an old time web surfer like we all used to be way back when I could leave you with a link or two to follow up on your own recognizance — I know, I know, these days it’s more like you can link a horse to whatev but you can’t make em click it.

I will try to write something more coherent later today but failing that here’s a link to an omnibus Survey page for my blog, where you can find what’s been occupying my trains of
thought for the past half-century.  The last-numbered links under each topic include and update all the earlier entries.

Best regards,


cc: Category TheoryCyberneticsOntologStructural ModelingSystems Science
cc: FB | Inquiry Driven SystemsLaws of Form • Peirce List (1) (2) (3)

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