Pragmatic Semiotic Information • Discussion 9

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I’ll be experiencing intermittent interruptions from now until the moving vans come and probably a while after but I’m hoping things will settle down by Thanksgiving.

For the moment I’ll simply post a few links to matters I’ve been trying to get back to and hope to develop further as time goes on.

The topic named in the title is the same as what I used to call Semiotic Information but I added Pragmatic to emphasize the continuity with Aristotle’s pragmata and to point up the object dimension of sign relations, encompassing objects both actual and intentional.  Various excursions along those lines are linked on the following Survey page:


  • Awbrey and Awbrey (1995), “Interpretation as Action : The Risk of Inquiry” (1) (2)

cc: Systems ScienceStructural Modeling

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