{ Information = Comprehension × Extension } • Discussion 5

Re: Peirce ListJohn Sowa

What you say goes to the heart of a problem I saw in Natural Propositions, whether it was Peirce’s account or Stjernfelt’s analysis I did not have time to decide as the schedule of the slow reading went too fast for me to take it up on the List.  I marked the critical passages and my copy of the book is around here someplace but I am trying to stay focused on the subject matter and the set of problems I introduced under the above subject line.

There are many issues about cross-disciplinary communication, the varieties of quasi-religious belief about the uses of words in the whole proposition-sentence-statement complex, the various uses Peirce and others use across contexts, disciplines, historical time, and even within the same discussion.  But I think it’s best to hold the forte on that for now.

cc: Peirce List

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