C.S. Peirce and Category Theory • 8

Re: Category TheoryHenry Story
Re: Laws of FormLyle Anderson

As I am trying to get “frame sync” on this discussion, as the satellite communications people say, I am taking clues from the introduction
to the listing for Gangle’s Diagrammatic Immanence.

A renewal of immanent metaphysics through diagrammatic methods and the tools of category theory.  Spinoza, Peirce and Deleuze are, in different ways, philosophers of immanence.  Rocco Gangle addresses the methodological questions raised by a commitment to immanence in terms of how diagrams may be used both as tools and as objects of philosophical investigation.  He integrates insights from Spinozist metaphysics, Peircean semiotics and Deleuze’s philosophy of difference in conjunction with the formal operations of category theory.  Category theory reveals deep structural connections among logic, topology and a variety of different areas of mathematics, and it provides constructive and rigorous concepts for investigating how diagrams work.

Henry, Lyle, All,

This discussion keeps flashing me back to an unfinished syzygy from the mid ’80s when I took a course on “applications of λ-calculus” with John Gray at Illinois examining the trio of combinators, computation, and cartesian closed categories, all hot topics of the day, and followed it up with a guided study on the connections to Peirce I had glimpsed at the time.  I’ll dig up some notes and get back to that.  For the moment I’ll focus on category theory in the light of Peirce.  The lights of Spinoza and Deleuze I’ll leave to observers who see better by them.

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