Notes On Categories • 2

Re: Category TheoryJoe Moeller

In category theory, we have this perspective that we should focus attention on maps, on the relationships between objects, rather than on the objects themselves.  What’s your favorite examples of people giving a schpiel about this?  Blog posts, snippets from books or papers, or even just giving your own take right now, are all welcome.

My first “abstract algebra” course in college (U Mich, 1970), the last project our instructor assigned us was to “do something creative”, a piece of creative writing, painting, sculpture, or other objet d’art, reflecting on one of the topics covered in the course.

I wrote a science fiction story about two species of creatures, the Sets and the Mappings.  No way I can remember all the details but I recall it explored a theme of duality between the two forms of life and the way ideas about “things in themselves” evolved over time into ideas about “that which changes into itself”.

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