Logical Graphs • Discussion 3


Dear John, Robert, Edwina,

The Peirce List discussion on “thinking in diagrams vs thinking in words” called to mind the time I spent a hefty sum on a copy of Stjernfelt’s Diagrammatology which ran to over 500 pages with many sections in very small print and had just over 50 diagrams between the covers.

In the same way, the real Versus monopolizing our attention here is not so much the difference between “thinking in diagrams” and “thinking in words” as the difference between “thinking in words about thinking in diagrams” and “thinking in words about thinking in words”.

Those of us who have been developing “moving pictures” from the very get-go have learned to see things rather differently.

Peirce Syllabus

Normative science rests largely on phenomenology and on mathematics;
metaphysics on phenomenology and on normative science.

❧ Charles Sanders Peirce • Collected Papers, CP 1.186 (1903)
Syllabus • Classification of Sciences (CP 1.180–202, G-1903-2b)



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