Logical Graphs • Discussion 4

Re: Category TheoryHenry Story

Evan Patterson’s “Knowledge Representation in Bicategories of Relations” is also drawn up in terms of string diagrams, as a way of explaining the W3C RDF and OWL standards.  So it looks like we have a nice route from Peirce to RDF via string diagrams.  Or the other way around:  whichever route one prefers to travel.

Dear Henry,

I opened a topic on Relation Theory in the Logic stream of Category Theory Zulipchat to discuss the logic of relative terms and the mathematics of relations as they develop from Peirce’s first breakthroughs (1865–1870).  As I have mentioned on a number of occasions, there are radical innovations in this work, probing deeper strata of logic and mathematics than ever before mined and thus undermining the fundamental nominalism of First Order Logic as we know it.



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