Animated Logical Graphs • 44

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Praeclarum Theorema Parse Graph

RS:  DNA and proteins might be good places to look for logical graphs in nature since our tech for mapping those structures has become fairly proficient lately.  Do you think we could train some kind of neural net to find the patterns?  Might that lead to a real breakthrough in computational microbiology?

Dear Richard,

Models of neural nets are extremely various.  I don’t especially cotton to the ones based on threshold computation, as I think they’re bound to remain rather dumb.   I view all those blinking neurons as something like a night view of the earth’s cities from space.  What we see is only a measure of the raw power consumption occurring in the cities, buildings, and homes, not anything like the actual processes going on inside those sites.


  • Leibniz, Gottfried W. (1679–1686?), “Addenda to the Specimen of the Universal Calculus”, pp. 40–46 in G.H.R. Parkinson (ed., trans., 1966), Leibniz : Logical Papers, Oxford University Press, London, UK.

Praeclarum Theorema



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