Animated Logical Graphs • 43

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Praeclarum Theorema Parse Graph

RS:  I wonder if we might find such graphs in the physical microstructures of brains, cells, proteins, etc.

Dear Richard,

You are reading my mind.  See the following post on the Standard Upper Ontology List, where I took a simple example of a propositional expression and proceeded by way of logical graphs to prove its equivalence to a syntactically simpler expression.

Reflecting on the form of the proof, I concluded with the following remark.

JA:  For some reason I always think of that as the way that our DNA would prove it.

There’s further discussion of that example at the following location.


  • Leibniz, Gottfried W. (1679–1686?), “Addenda to the Specimen of the Universal Calculus”, pp. 40–46 in G.H.R. Parkinson (ed., trans., 1966), Leibniz : Logical Papers, Oxford University Press, London, UK.

Praeclarum Theorema



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  1. Conjectural. Logical structures, either sentential or graphical, entail the mathematical structures, and mathematical structures entail the informational structures, and informational mechanical structures entail the structures in quantum logic and the statistical mechanics of physics and chemistry, and so forth; the conjecture of the unified theory is the constructible hierarchy of compound complex structures inform the higher-order domains of discourses in the natural sciences, for example. In formal languages, the thesis is testable, yet as long as the philosophy and the linguistic theory of the natural language is so subjective, the domains seem to be the discontinuous description of the continuous recursive structure of nature and chaotic even culture. That hypothesis is the theory that informs my current research and I do not know yet, because I use to construct the argument the principle of sufficient reason.

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