Sign Relations • Anthesis

Thus, if a sunflower, in turning towards the sun, becomes by that very act fully capable, without further condition, of reproducing a sunflower which turns in precisely corresponding ways toward the sun, and of doing so with the same reproductive power, the sunflower would become a Representamen of the sun.

— C.S. Peirce, Collected Papers, CP 2.274

In his picturesque illustration of a sign relation, along with his tracing of a corresponding sign process, or semiosis, Peirce uses the technical term representamen for his concept of a sign, but the shorter word is precise enough, so long as one recognizes its meaning in a particular theory of signs is given by a specific definition of what it means to be a sign.


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7 Responses to Sign Relations • Anthesis

  1. Poor Richard says:

    A pretty ambiguous sign, since sunflowers represent so many other things.  One might be forgiven for failing to notice their heliotropism.

    • Jon Awbrey says:

      I’m working at reviewing and revising some pieces I’ve rewritten two score times over the last … lost count of years … and that bit above is one of my favorite epigraphs.  But I take it as an allegorical figure whose purpose is to illustrate a certain form of relation, and not to be taken too literally.  Between the epigraph and the epilogue comes a lot more to say … I’ll be getting to that directly …

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