Six Ways of Looking at a Triadic Relation ⌬ 1

A triadic relation and its converses form a set of 3! = 6 triadic relations all together, six grammatically and rhetorically distinct ways of representing what is logically the same information.  Peirce illustrates the situation as follows, with six variations on the theme of giving.

So in a triadic fact, say, for example

A ~\mathrm{gives}~ B ~\mathrm{to}~ C

we make no distinction in the ordinary logic of relations between the subject nominative, the direct object, and the indirect object.  We say that the proposition has three logical subjects.  We regard it as a mere affair of English grammar that there are six ways of expressing this:

Six Ways of Looking at a Triadic Relation

These six sentences express one and the same indivisible phenomenon.
(EP 2, 170–171).


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