Peirce’s 1880 “Algebra Of Logic” Chapter 3 • Selection 3

Chapter 3. The Logic of Relatives (cont.)

§2. Relatives

218.   A relative is a term whose definition describes what sort of a system of objects that is whose first member (which is termed the relate) is denoted by the term;  and names for the other members of the system (which are termed the correlates) are usually appended to limit the denotation still further.  In these systems the order of the members is essential;  so that (\mathrm{A}, \mathrm{B}, \mathrm{C}) and (\mathrm{A}, \mathrm{C}, \mathrm{B}) are different systems.  As an example of a relative, take ‘buyer of ── for ── from ── ’;  we may append to this three correlates, thus, ‘buyer of every horse of a certain description in the market for a good price from its owner’.

219.   A relative of only one correlate, so that the system it supposes is a pair, may be called a dual relative;  a relative of more than one correlate may be called plural;  A non-relative term may be called a term of singular reference.


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