Alpha Now, Omega Later : 1

I am still in the middle of trying to catch up on some long put-off work but recent discussions of logical graphs and physics and the like on the Peirce List have bestirred me from my grindstone long enough to pass on a few links to the things I’ve been doing along those lines.  This is all “Alpha” as far as Peirce’s graphology goes but one of the things we’ve learned in recent decades from computational complexity theory is just how key a role problems like propositional calculus play in solving many other problems of practical interest, so I won’t make any further apology for focusing attention on this “zeroth order” level of logic.  I don’t have much to say about physics per se, but if we generalize our concept of dynamics and speak of systems theory as a study of media and populations that move through their state spaces over spans of time, then I think it is useful to take up that perspective on the time evolution of logical media informed by logical signs.

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