Theme One Program • Discussion 6

Re: Peirce ListJerry Chandler

This post [Theme One Program • Motivation 1] is so muddled
that I gave up on a meaningful scientific interpretation of it.

Dear Jerry,

Thanks for the response.

I heartily agree with the sentiment we need to pay more attention to
Mathematical And Scientific Substance (MASS) and boggle our brains
less about Purity Of Orthodox Faith (POOF).

That is what I hope to do here, on the one hand giving a realistic account of real‑world problems I encountered through the years and along the way describing how the logic of science and the tools of mathematics, especially as articulated by C.S. Peirce and tested in computational experiment, helped to address them or at least to clarify my understanding of their nature.

But that first post is only a preamble, so I hope you’ll stay tuned …




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