Semiotics, Semiosis, Sign Relations • Discussion 19

Peirce Syllabus

Normative science rests largely on phenomenology and on mathematics;
metaphysics on phenomenology and on normative science.

❧ Charles Sanders Peirce • Collected Papers, CP 1.186 (1903)
Syllabus • Classification of Sciences (CP 1.180–202, G-1903-2b)

Re: Peirce ListJohn Sowa

Questions for everybody to consider:  In the 1903 classification of the sciences, Peirce did not mention semeiotic, the most important science that he introduced.  Why not?  Where does it belong in the classification?

The short schrift on this subject may be summed up in the following syllogism.

  • Corollary.  This leaves room for Descriptive Semiotic.

Additional Notes

  • Definition and Determination • (4)(5)

cc: Category Theory • Cybernetics (1) (2)Structural ModelingSystems Science
cc: FB | SemeioticsLaws of FormOntolog Forum • Peirce List (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

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