Semiotics, Semiosis, Sign Relations • Discussion 13

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Dear Peiyuan, Henry …

Way back during my first foundations + identity crisis I explored every alternative, deviant, non-standard version of logic and set theory I could scrape up — I remember saying to one of my professors, “How come we’re still talking about logical atoms in the quantum era?” — and he sent me off to read about quantum logics, which had apparently already fallen out of fashion at the time.  Remarkably enough, I did find one Peircean scholar who had done a lot of work on them, but they didn’t seem to be what I needed right then.

My present, still pressing applications require me to start from much more elementary grounds, stuff I can build up from boolean sources and targets, universes with coordinate spaces of type (\mathbb{B}^k, \mathbb{B}^k \to \mathbb{B}).



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