Inquiry Driven Systems • Discussion 2

Re: Category TheoryHenry Story

Way back in the Summer of Love I met a girl who had just graduated in Chemistry and was thinking about grad school in Education, the hot new field of Instructional Media, we got to talking and dreamed up a vision of using media, at first just shapes in motion, to teach people math from scratch.  Long time passing, we got married, she did a dissertation — The Effect of the Hausdorff–Besicovitch Dimension of Figure Boundary Complexity on Hemispheric Functioning — studying the effects of fractal figure complexity on cognitive processing, Mandelbrot gave her permission to use a series of his figures and ranked them by fractal dimension for her, and I pursued an array of parallel lives in math, statistics, computing, philosophy, and psych.

Here is one of our later collaborations aimed toward integrating inquiry learning and information technology into education.

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cc: FB | Inquiry Driven SystemsLaws of Form • Peirce List (1) (2) (3)

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