Animated Logical Graphs • 80

Re: Category TheoryChad Nester

Re: Categorical Treatments of Existential Graphs
Cf: N. Haydon and P. Sobociński • Compositional Diagrammatic First-Order Logic

Thanks, Chad, for that extremely nice treatment of Peirce’s existential graphs at the β level, tantamount to predicate calculus or first order logic as we know it today.

The logic of relatives and the mathematics of relations appear in a different light from the perspective of Peirce’s own standpoint on logic, evolving as it does out of distinctive pragmatic and semiotic insights.  The reflections of Spencer Brown afford a few angles Peirce anticipated but in a glass, darkly.  And my own time tumbling recalcitrant calculi toward more ready tools for inquiry may add a few wrinkles, with luck to more than my own brow.  All that will develop as we go.


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