Differential Logic • Discussion 8

Re: Laws of FormLyle Anderson

A Reader inquired about the relationship between ordinary and differential boolean variables.  I thought it might help to explain how I first came to think about differential logic as a means of describing qualitative change.  The story goes a bit like this …

I wandered into this differential wonderland by following my nose through a budget of old readings on the calculus of finite differences.  It was a long time ago in a math library not too far away as far as space goes but no longer extant in time.  Boole himself wrote a book on the subject and corresponded with De Morgan about it.  I recall picking up the \mathrm{E} for enlargement operator somewhere in that mix.  It was a genuine epiphany.  All of which leads me to suspect the most accessible entry point may be the one I happened on first, documented in the Chapter on Linear Topics I linked at the end of the following post.

Maybe it will help to go through that …



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