Animated Logical Graphs • 68

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Re: Ontolog ForumMauro Bertani

Dear Mauro,

Let’s take a another look at the Table we reached at the end of Episode 21.

Formal Operation Table (a,b)

I call it a Formal Operation Table — rather than, say, a Truth Table — because it describes the operation of mathematical forms preceding the stage of logical interpretation.  I know the word formal tends to get overworked past the point of semantic fatigue but I can still hope to revive it a little.  We’ll use other labels for Table entries at other times but I tried this time to mitigate interpretive bias by choosing a mix of senses from both Peirce and Spencer Brown. 

Entering the stage of logical interpretation, we arrive at the following two options.

  • The entitative interpretation of \texttt{(} a \texttt{,} b \texttt{)} produces the truth table for logical equality.

En (a,b)

  • The existential interpretation of \texttt{(} a \texttt{,} b \texttt{)} produces the truth table for logical inequality, also known as exclusive disjunction.

Ex (a,b)


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4 Responses to Animated Logical Graphs • 68

  1. Poor Richard says:

    I’m still thinking of which comes first, logic or math.  Isn’t it like the chicken and egg?

  2. Jon Awbrey says:

    I see them as more like Yggdrasill (math) and Ratatoskr (logic).

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