Animated Logical Graphs • 24

Re: Ontolog ForumJoseph Simpson

Today I found an interesting publication that might relate to the current discussion of Animated Logical Graphs (ALG).  Please see:
The “sensitivity” conjecture may be a topic that could be explored using ALG.  There appear to be many interesting connections between ALG and the sensitivity conjecture.  I am looking for an area where ALG application examples may be created and discussed.  My first attempt at an example, using the Augmented Model-Exchange Isomorphism (AMEI), raised a number of conceptual and structural application issues.  Which can be addressed as we move forward.  My plan is to continue the search for specific application areas.  I believe that finding domain specific applications will help me better understand the ALG material.
Take care, be good to yourself and have fun,

Dear Joe,

Boolean functions f : \mathbb{B}^k \to \mathbb{B} and different ways of contemplating their complexity are definitely the right ballpark, or at least the right planet, for field-testing logical graphs.

I don’t know much about the Boolean Sensitivity Conjecture but I happened to run across an enlightening article about it just yesterday and I did a while ago begin an exploration into what appears to be a related question, Péter Frankl’s “Union-Closed Sets Conjecture”.  See the resource pages linked below.

At any rate, now that we’ve entered the ballpark, or standard orbit, of boolean functions, I can skip a bit of dancing around and jump to the next blog post I have on deck.


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