Sign Relational Manifolds • Discussion 3

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I see — “sign relation” is a special term for triadic relations of some kind (with some properties);  like this:  thing in first position and thing in second position must refer to the thing in third position.  Where “refer” is an unary partial function from one thing to another.  Am I on a right direction?

Hi Alex,

It is not uncommon in practice to find a sign s having many interpretant signs i and many referent objects o.  Generally speaking, then, we start out with a sign relation L as a subset of a cartesian product L \subseteq O \times S \times I, where O, S, I are sets called the object domain, sign domain, interpretant sign domain, respectively.  A definition of a sign relation — there are a few canonical ones we find useful in practice — will specify what sort of constraint is involved in forming that subset.



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