Inquiry Into Inquiry • Discussion 2

Re: Peirce ListPhyllis Chiasson
Re: Peirce ListEdwina Taborsky

Phenomenology is (with math) the underpinning of both scientific inquiry and everyday reasoning.  Improve one’s capability for observation and classification and you improve his/her ability to think and reason.  “Neglected Argument” has interesting things to say about the categories and this process as does “What Pragmatism Is”.

Although the Neglected Argument was one of the first Peirce essays my undergraduate philosophy advisor (who happened to be a Unitarian minister) gave me for contemplation — I remember coming to an unconventional, indirect argument, ontological proof sort of epiphany near the end — I can’t say I’ve paid all that much attention to Peirce’s theodicy since those days, but I can’t recall reading anything he wrote to distinguish his perspective from what is ordinarily called “deism”.  Does he ever declare for the (male personified) anthropomorphic God, so capitalized, of Abraham, Luther, Calvin, or any other, literal, non‑metaphorical theism of that kind?


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