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Re: Laws of FormWilliam Bricken

Kauffman’s 2001 piece on “Peirce” (title is “The Mathematics of Charles Sanders Peirce” [PDF]) is IMO fundamental to this discussion.
Here’s a brief excerpt from a piece I did in 2005:
“Boundary Logic and Alpha Existential Graphs (AEG)”

4.3  LoF and Alpha Graphs Compared

AEG applies the diagrammatic structure of enclosure specifically to logic. The representations of LoF and AEG are isomorphic, while the systems of transformation rules are remarkably close to being the same.  …

Dear William,

Many thanks for your excerpt.  It highlights many of the most critical points in comparing the systems of Peirce and Spencer Brown so I’ll take up the topic of duality first.  Over the years I’ve always found that to be one of the stickier wickets in the whole field.  I’ll discuss it in my Animated Logical Graphs series as that’s where I’ve recently redoubled my efforts to explain the issue and why it’s important.



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