Riffs and Rotes • 5

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Re: Scott AaronsonThe Busy Beaver Frontier

All my favorite integer sequences, some very fast growing, spring from the “lambda point” where graph theory, logic, and number theory meet.  My fascination with them goes back to a time when I was playing around with Gödel numbers of graph-theoretic structures and thinking about computational complexity.  I’m busy as a beaver with other business at the moment so I’ll leave it now with just a few links to chew on till whenever.


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2 Responses to Riffs and Rotes • 5

  1. JDKee says:

    Would love to read more about “lambda points” in this context if you have any links handy.

    • Jon Awbrey says:

      I knew about lambda points from basic chemistry and physics courses but it was one of my math profs who first coined the lambda pun in some long ago conversation.  I once wrote a mini-memoir about the incident and Facebook’s “On This Day” app just reminded me of it.

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