The Difference That Makes A Difference That Peirce Makes : 21

Re: Ontolog ForumJohn Bottoms
Re: The Difference That Makes A Difference That Peirce Makes : 20

The reflections in my previous blog post developed over several weeks observing various discussions around the web where people seemed to be spending most of their effort talking past each other and hardly ever getting any ideas or information out of one skull and into another.  It’s not the first time I’ve noticed belief systems, comfort zones, conceptual silos, paradigms, whatever we call them, acting like immune systems, insulating our mental metabolisms from intellectual antigens.

Anyhow, it’s a working hypothesis to prime future inquiry …

As far as Peirce references go, the choices are legion, so I’ll just link to one place I have in mind at the moment where Peirce sets out a number of truly radical ideas, ones I view as missed opportunities — so far as I know he never fully followed up on them.

cc: Systems ScienceStructural ModelingOntolog ForumLaws of FormCybernetics

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