Pragmatic Semiotic Information • Discussion 13

Re: Survey of Pragmatic Semiotic Information
Re: Ontolog ForumJoseph Simpson

I’ve been looking at the record of past discussions and thinking about what I’d like to accomplish this year.  Just off hand, I see a lot of discussion points I didn’t get a chance to give their due at the time and it looks like many of those are worth revisiting.  Some of the more troublesome points may seem tangential at first but they have a tendency to recur if not dealt with, so it’s critical to address them as best one can.

More to the main arc of this thread, I need to keep developing the implications of Peirce’s ideas about information, in particular, the way information integrates the extensional and intensional aspects of logic and thus helps to solve many old puzzles about the nature of scientific inference and inquiry in general.

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