Theme One • A Program Of Inquiry : 5

Re: Laws Of Form DiscussionBL

I started learning programming about the same time I first ran across C.S. Peirce’s Logical Graphs and Spencer Brown’s Laws of Form in the late 60s and naturally tried each new language and each new set of skills I learned on writing processors and theorem provers for the propositional calculus levels of their graph-theoretic formalisms.  Using previous work I had done in Lisp, I spent the 80s developing a series of Pascal programs that integrated aspects of sequential learning with aspects of propositional reasoning over an extension of the CSP–GSB systems.  I applied the program to a selection of observational data sets from one of my advisor’s research projects and got an M.A. in Quantitative Psych out of it.  People looking for contemporary applications of the general Peircean paradigm may find some of the directions in this work of interest.

The following blog post updates a list of links to what documentation and exposition I’ve put on the web so far.

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  2. Maher says:

    Excellent Thème “Théorie de Graphe et sa relation avec les concepts de base en Mathématiques”.

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