Basal Ingredients Of Society • Prologue

I settled on the acronym BIOS to suggest the vital elements of life in society, a life in association with others, and not just any association but one whose flickers of life are sustained for more than a few vicissitudes of history.  Sustainability in that life requires democracy, a society based on a distinctive form of social compact.

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6 Responses to Basal Ingredients Of Society • Prologue

  1. That’s a very tasty start — I look forward to what follows. FWIW, the organicism caused me to immediately think about the American Personalists: Borden Parker Bowne, Josiah Royce, Edgar Sheffield Brightman, and, of course, The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. The biological/ecological foundation strikes me as very akin to their “communitarianism” (a term which has the misfortune of being falsely conflated with “communism.”)

    Anyway, I will be following this line with interest.

    • Jon Awbrey says:

      I’m not sure what came over me — my intention had been to begin the month resurrecting a chapter on “Obstacles to Inquiry” from my long-unfinished dissertation proposal — and generally speaking I try to avoid polluting this space with matters political or even sociological, but my morning ruminations drifted in the direction of themes that have apparently been percolating in subterranean realms all summer, which raised in their turn ever older psychic revenants from days long gone.

      I’ll just have to go with the flow and see where it goes …

      • I wasn’t complaining, not do I wish to rush you. But I am myself inclined to argue that the logical and the ethical are not things that can be strictly separated. So, when and as the mood overtakes you.

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