Zeroth Law Of Semiotics

Meaning is a privilege not a right.
Not all pictures depict.
Not all signs denote.

Never confuse a property of a sign,
just for instance, existence,
with a sign of a property,
for instance, existence.

Taking a property of a sign
for a sign of a property
is the zeroth sign of
nominal thinking
and the first

Also Sprach 0*
2002 Oct 09

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5 Responses to Zeroth Law Of Semiotics

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  4. JSD says:

    I learned something like this in undergrad as The Fallacy of Rules: to wrongly assume that a descriptive rule is actually a prescriptive rule. For example, I observe birds on a beach eating seaweed, and then later observe similar birds inland eating berries. I conclude that they must be two different species, because I have improperly assumed the behavior I observed is a defining property.

  5. techne9 says:

    Just found this on Facebook – shared by Mi Robin. It expanded my heart, and made me breathe a little more deeply. Lovely. Thanks for putting it on the webs.

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